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Where Did The Time Go?

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Author provides a downloadable poster that identifies 55 ways in which to address the issue of time management. © 2011 Frank Sonnenberg. All rights reserved. Click the red button below to download the entire poster.

1    Those who waste the most time are usually the first to complain of having too little.

2    Being busy is not the same as being productive.

3    Do you repeat mistakes or learn from them?

4    Do you invest your time or spend it?

5    If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

6    Urgent is not the same as important.

7    Do little daily distractions sidetrack you from getting big things done?

8    Do you spend more time stressing about what has to be done or doing it?

9    Do you start everything from scratch?

10    Do you get easily overwhelmed and become unproductive?

11    Do you gravitate to things that you enjoy or to your priorities?

12    How many times do you redo something because you rushed it the first time?

13    Do you let other people hijack your time?

14    Do you believe in preventative maintenance or wait until
things break down?

15    Do you address small problems before they get BIG?

16    Do you anticipate situations or react to them?

17    Do you spend more time lighting fires or putting them out?

18    Do you buy time by getting less sleep and then lose time because you’re overtired?

19    Do you buy things because you think you like them, only to return them later?

20    After making decisions, do you look forward or backward?

21    How much valuable time do you waste trying to save a few

22    Are you productive while you’re waiting for someone?

23    Do you settle for excellence or strive for perfection?

24    Are you conscious of how you spend your time?

25    Do you help everyone except yourself?

26    Do you call three times or leave a voicemail?

27    Do you buy cheap merchandise and replace it regularly?

28    How many times do you read something before acting on it?

Download the entire poster for the remaining items #29-55.

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