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Leading Women from the Ballroom to the Boardroom

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Aung San Suu Kyi is one of my role models and an example of a woman operating in her greatness. Aung San Suu Kyi demonstrates greatness for her work in Burma and the rest of the Burmese people. She is known world wide for spreading greatness to her people. This brave 5 foot 2 woman has led armies, endured military house arrest; she is a mother and was a wife. She experienced loss of her husband at the tender age of 42 but she still serves her people. She defies limitations to fight for the justice of her people. How can more women learn from her and project this strength in the workforce?

To the smart savvy women out there

• Statistics prove that men easily take the lead when it comes to rubbing shoulders, however women often feel uncomfortable about reaching out, playing politics and doing business networking. Reversing this perception will work wonders within the organizational culture.  By working to effectively build enriching, rewarding and professional relationships on all levels, regardless of whether we are referring to stakeholders, colleagues or directors, this will improve levels of confidence and the way others see us. I suggest forming a female networking platform/ forum in the office. This will help women pull together to create a woman friendly culture in the workplace.
• Embrace office politics instead of running away from them by understanding the politics at play in your organization. Pay careful attention to how the most successful people within your company behave.
• Adopt an attitude of addressing your fears by drawing close the very thing you fear.  For example, you might be shy and you fear speaking up during company meetings or doing presentations, face your fear by becoming more vocal. Take baby steps by overcoming small fears in your daily working life. Try attending a public speaking seminar or become a member of a public speaking group such as “Toast Masters”.

• Attend networking/ team building events, work socials: This will boost your confidence, give you an opportunity to bond with team mates and to interact with like minded professionals during networking.

• Learn a new skill which is related to your job and company and put you ahead of the competition.

• Speak up: If you are striving towards a promotion and have been working towards it, let your goals be subtly known to your directors/senior management while taking action daily to achieve your goal.

• Find creative ways of sharing your perspectives and presenting your own ideas that would help improve processes at work, introduce refined methodologies. By striving to work towards the betterment of productivity and performance, you will become a part of the solution. You will gain recognition for this from your superiors.

• Find mechanisms to cope with juggling being a mother, a wife, a home executive and an employee. Some days might be more stressful than other days. Get a support structure outside work to help you cope with the pressures of life.

• Don’t expect favors because you are a woman; be willing to go the extra mile. This might require staying behind for an additional 30 minutes to complete a piece of task, do so whole heartedly.

• Dress the part; if you want respect then you’ve got to command it. Your dressing speaks volumes about you.

• No need to emulate your male counterparts but do act and speak with confidence. Flirt only in the ball room and not in the board room.

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  1. Elizabeth

    May 13, 2014 at 7:25 am

    Brilliant article!


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