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Women Logica vs the Altitude of Success

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I feel that accessing skills that balance women logic can result in women working together to achieve phenomenal results within a male dominated environment. Demonstrating the following behaviors is a step closer towards achieving this:
• Get into the habit of inculcating a culture of women working together to form a strong female support structure
• Be the first to applaud the successes of your female colleagues and give recognition to their initiatives
• Understanding the opposite sex will massively bridge communication gaps. Men focus on immediate problems while women focus on the greater picture. This is where the miscommunication stems from, so taking the time to understand this will alter perceptions to improve working relationships
• Take the lead in building professional relationships with the men in your company. This does not imply becoming more masculine but more about using effective communication skills.
• Putting your head down and getting the work done does not make you stand apart from the crowd, instead work to do something that will positively impact your organization and the people around you.
• Keep those raging female hormones at bay
• Invite and encourage men to also participate in your networking sessions

A lack of confidence prevents women from moving forward in sports, in relationships, in their careers, etc and causes them to act out viciously when another female dares to be different. By having the confidence to act from within we can perform just as well as men do and this also garners behaviors towards that of empowerment of the women around us. These actions help to supersede stereotype attitudes towards women in leadership roles. If men start seeing more of this positive behavior, this will lead to an inducement of a structure that promotes gender intelligence and equality. Thankfully the initiation of the dismantling of the patriarchy and the attitudes towards women in the professional arena are positively changing. Ladies, we now have the platform to work together to become ambassadors of women empowerment, if not for ourselves then let’s do this for our daughters.

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