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Happiness is an Option for Lawyers: Creating Success and Fulfillment in Work and Life

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Get Organized

Put important things first. This is the habit of self-    management. It involves organizing and managing time and events around personal priorities. Develop
clear values and a sense of purpose.


Being prepared reduces stress. When you’re facing a    situation that you know will be stressful to you, rehearse it, either mentally or with a friend. Anticipate what might occur and plan your response.

Do It Now

Procrastination breeds stress! Do your most difficult task at the beginning of the day when you’re fresh; avoid the stress of dreading it all day.

Put Perfectionism in it’s Proper Place

Perfectionism is often a poor use of time. Not everything requires perfection. High priority items require more  perfection than low priority items. By demanding perfection of yourself and others, you may be wasting time in unnecessary effort.

Change Attitudes

Think of stressful situations as a challenge to your creative thinking, rather than looking at them as insurmountable problems. Generate solutions.

Learn to Say “No”

Say “no” when your schedule is full: to responsibilities that aren’t yours; to emotional demands that leave you feeling exhausted; to other people’s problems that you don’t have the power to solve.

Take Care of your Body

You will have more energy and become stress hardy when you eat a balanced diet, get sufficient sleep and exercise regularly.

Optimistic Self-Talk

Use positive self-reinforcement: “I can handle this one step at a time”, instead of frightening or depressing yourself by coming up with reasons why you can’t cope.


Actively seek support from friends, colleagues, and family. Don’t be a Lone Ranger.

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