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A Sample Chapter of Outsmart Your Brain: How To Make Success Feel Easy – by Dr. Marcia Reynolds

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what we perceive externally passes through the “foe, food or fondle” test, it then travels through the minefield of emotional triggers before it can be processed logically. These triggers increase as humans culturally progress since what we perceive we need to survive becomes more complex.

“Triggering an emotion” means a host of neural, biochemical and hormonal actions are initiated by the brain based on what our brain perceives we emotionally need to be happy in a particular situation. In this context, needs are defined as unmet hopes, expectations and attachments. We hoped for, expected or believed we deserved to receive one of the following items in a specific situation:

Needs/Emotional Triggers

acceptance            respect

to be liked            achievement

praise            to be understood

to understand            appreciation

to be needed            to be in control

to be right            to be valued

to be treated fairly            comfort

freedom            peacefulness

balance            consistency

attention            adventure

love            to make a difference

to feel worthwhile            to be heard

to explore            to nurture

to be safe            to win

Some of these needs will be important to you. Others will hold no emotional charge for you. Take a moment to identify your top five triggers, meaning that a cascade of neural and biochemical events affect your body when:

1. you perceive that you may not get this need met,

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