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A Sample Chapter of Outsmart Your Brain: How To Make Success Feel Easy – by Dr. Marcia Reynolds

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things. However, the brain can only maintain an adrenaline-fed intensity for short periods of time unless helped by chemicals such as caffeine. Eventually, the body needs a rest. It will force the recess if we don’t choose to take time on our own. We burn out, become apathetic, depressed and often very sick.

Additionally, the more noise present in our brains, the less capacity we have to think, learn and create. The brain is not limitless. In particular, short-term memory is finite. The container can only hold and process a certain amount of input at any particular time.

In addition to overloading our circuits with the onslaught of information being thrown at us in today’s world, the mental noise created from worries, upsets, disappointments and anxiety crowds out learning and cognition. We then can’t remember and we can’t think straight. Studies show that when test takers become anxious, they literally do not see words and sometimes miss entire questions. Neurons misfire, misalign and fail to activate. When under duress, we do not see details and do not hear everything that is said. In short, our brains run out of space and out of gas.

On the other hand, happiness clears the mind of internal noise, freeing up space to think. More connections fire into the logical and rational centers. We gain attention and consciousness. We can better evaluate options and consequences. We have a better sense of who we are, where we are and what we are doing in the moment. We act in the Optimal Productive State.

So why isn’t happiness ever a factor in strategic plans?

Most often, leaders declare that work is not a place for having fun. In my experience, suggesting a corporate goal of having every-one feel good would generate a loud “humbug.” They don’t understand the importance emotions play in our abilities to innovate and make better decisions.

Additionally, if we deny the existence of emotions, we give up the chance to consciously shift into a productive emotional state. Wouldn’t you rather have the option of releasing yourself from the tyranny of your emotions instead of leaving how they

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