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A Sample Chapter of Outsmart Your Brain: How To Make Success Feel Easy – by Dr. Marcia Reynolds

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stellar work is to find a reason, a payoff, for WANTING TO do it. This desire then causes a different chemical reaction that actually increases the efficiency of brain activity and thus, performance.

The payoff that creates the desire doesn’t have to come from an external source like your boss. You can learn how to shift your emotions and reprogram your responses in the moment to increase your happiness as well as your performance. This book will teach you how.

In short, no matter how strong your work ethic is, when factors in your environment detract from how good you feel when you’re working, the result is a decrease in the energy available to perform. Other factors, such as anger, anxiety and determination may motivate you for a while, but sooner or later you will have to feel pride in your work, valued by your supervisors, acknowledged by your peers and have some fun in the process in order to maintain the motivation to work at your peak.

The “We” Factor

Now factor into the picture your environment and your co-workers. Count how many times a day you talk to others at work or depend on the outcomes of others to get your work done. Multiply this number by 200 for every year you work. You’ll see that you have thousands of interactions, many of them taxing your interpersonal skills. Your success on the job depends on your ability to work with others, which includes understanding and dealing with their needs, their values and their feelings.

However, we work an average of 67 hours a week, doing twice the work to produce three times the results expected of us just a few years ago. We barely have time to think about our relationships, much less work on improving them. Fortunately, practicing emotional intelligence will give you a new perspective on your interactions. Self-awareness automatically increases empathy. You will see your conversations and relationships in a new light, providing fresh ideas on how to approach problems and conflicts.

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