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Values, Branding and Positioning for University: Coaching in Technical Sector

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Sector: Software Development
Assignment: Values, Branding and Positioning for University Spin Out.
Period: 2005


The Company had recently spun itself out from a major Scottish University research facility. Having successfully utilised its first round funding to establish a profitable trading platform, the client wished to enhance its marketability to potential second round institutional finance sources by strengthening the understanding of its core values, by enhancing its brand identity, corporate communications &
market positioning. The summation of outcomes were to be used in building the business case for additional funding for continued research, product development, & international marketing & sales.


 To establish core company values
 To establish core purpose, vision & positioning
 To establish the shape & structure of the organisation for future growth
 To begin the process of developing the business case for additional funding
 To begin the process of repositioning the brand
 To use the newly established values to inform brand & communication routes & channels


 Use of an organisation wide values assessment instrument to assess commonality & alignments of values & core purpose within the organisation
 Workshops with executive team members to establish appropriate organisation shape & structures to achieve aims
 Workshops with the client & with their clients to gain external feedback
 Feedback loops
 Corporate coaching of individuals at senior company executive level


Company wide facilitation identifying value levers that assisted with the development of core purpose & informed the direction of the business case for additional funding with an emphasis on sustainable competitive advantage, product development & market positioning

External check on facilitation results using existing major client executive team members. The feedback from this group led to the adoption of two distinct communication channels for different aspects of the business

Restructuring of the organisation to drive institutional funding initiatives, research, product development & communications

The creation of a new corporate identity, logo, & brand with associated online & offline communication suites aimed at institutional funding sources & potential new clients

Myron Partnership 2011

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