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The Map and the Territory

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⦁ Can see how ego focus can also limit development
⦁ Development seen as a construct
⦁ Feel alone often
⦁ Hold experience lightly while also deeply in it
⦁ Have capacity to live with paradox and uncertainty and see them as the way things are
⦁ Authenticity that comes through in easy presence

Form of thinking:

⦁ Think beyond the here and now to beyond own lifetime to include global, historic, and future perspectives
⦁ Aware of limitations of language
⦁ Aware of non-duality of nature and their own separation from it

What they can’t see:

⦁ Attachment to the idea of non- attachment
⦁ How desire to be released of their own ego is a trap in and of itself
⦁ Staying grounded in reality (or the constructed reality of the moment) can be an effort

Coaching opportunity:

Support Magicians/Alchemists in accepting the aloneness they feel and in finding ways to connect with others that are satisfying. Explore means of creative expression that connect with inner and bigger picture experiences and to be with their own waves of thought, emotion, and experiences. Support them to build structure that keeps them grounded in reality.

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