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The Map and the Territory

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This input leads to patterns of behavior and interaction with the environment, resulting in specific and most likely new connections and focus, shaping your day-to-day choices and actions, and eventually making your new town start to feel like home.

The process of transformational growth progresses in much the same way. It involves differentiation and integration. Differentiation and integration is a process by which we see, experience, and understand things, and then incorporate that information into our day-to- day capacity as we see, experience, understand, and consequently interact with the world.

New ways of interacting with the world have the potential to change what we get back through our actions, as well as our structure of interpretation and sense making, which includes how we see ourselves, others, and the world.
The rest of this article focuses on the stages as defined by Cook-Greuter and Rooke and Torbert, focusing on those stages most commonly seen in leadership roles. For more on Kegan’s work, check out Jennifer Garvey-Berger’s book Changing on the Job.

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