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The Map and the Territory

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Figure 1 provides an overview of the three commonly used Adult Stage models.

Though the stage names vary, the models share the following:

⦁ A stage is based on one’s “center of gravity” or how one tends to make sense.

⦁ Each stage includes and transcends the sense making and behaviors of earlier stages.

⦁ Higher or “later” is not better; there are pluses and minuses with each stage.

⦁ As stages advance so does the capacity for handling complexity, nuance, and difference in thought, emotions, and relationships.

⦁ We are all limited by what we can see and experience from our own stage-defined  worldview.

Think of what happens when you move to a new town. With the onset of relocation, you collect information about the neighbors, referrals for doctors, handymen and lawn care, car pools, grocery stores, different routes to work, and of course—the most essential–-the nearest Starbucks.

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