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The Map and the Territory

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⦁ Busy and often overwhelmed with all they want to accomplish
⦁ Balance is a common concern
⦁ Can be highly self-critical and driven
⦁ “Goals,” “values,” “purpose” are commonly used words

Form of thinking:

⦁ Highly value self-efficacy and agency
⦁ Structure of interpretation is often shaped by scientific thinking, truth seeking, and self- defined pictures of success

What they can’t see:

⦁ That not everything can be controlled or self-determined
⦁ The constructed nature of goals, values, and reality

Coaching opportunity:

Support Achievers to explore the distinction between achievement and fulfillment. Explore the impact of their actions on others and the dynamics between tasks, goals, and relationships. Support them in cultivating balance in their work and lives by clarifying and centering around what is most important.

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