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The Map and the Territory

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⦁ Accepting and unassuming presence
⦁ There is a sense of interconnectedness and oneness with all beings that is at once calming to be around and inspirationally  affirming
⦁ Able to witness and be in flow of experience
⦁ Can also seem chaotic and not able to fit in easily in the day-to- day

Form of thinking:

⦁ Time is expansive and cannot be contained in action and words
⦁ Everything is a construct and constructs are immediately disposable and replaceable
⦁ Have little need to make sense of things as they see how everything is made up anyway

What they can’t see:

⦁ Subtle bias towards bliss, beauty, and out-of-mind/body states
⦁ Slight attachment to spiritual perspectives, belief that spiritual or a particular school of thought is better or “the way”

Coaching opportunity:

Unitives usually will not seek coaching. Also, it is rare to have a coach who is at this level of sense making necessary to coach someone at this stage. Coaching at this stage might look more like a spiritual partnering or simply joining them in a collective practice of witnessing and deepening contact with the non-dual in day-to-day life.

For more insights and examples of what these stages look like in real life and leadership practices, check out Susanne Cook-Greuter in her paper, Nine Levels of Increasing Embrace. David Rooke and Bill Torbert in their article, Seven Transformations of Leadership, and Barrell Brown in his white paper on Conscious Capitalism.

And, lastly,… some words from our old friend Carl Jung:
“Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul. Not theories but your creative individuality alone must decide.”

This is a model and all models are constructs…. To be used responsibly.

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