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The Map and the Territory

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⦁ Can seem lost, adrift, and not directed despite achievement and goal attainment
⦁ Increased focus on questioning of the “why” underneath their choices and actions
⦁ Contemplative and questioning

Form of thinking:

⦁ Less interest and dependence on scientific certainty and judgment
⦁ Curiosity about the inner experience as well as subjective and alternative perspectives
⦁ Can see systemic elements, impact, and implications, including shadow and own contribution to situations
⦁ Relativistic worldview becomes predominant, as in “it depends…”

What they can’t see:

⦁ How a relativistic view is also just another perspective and comes with its own set of elements, impact, and implications
⦁ Can be adverse to choice

Coaching opportunity:

Support Individualist-Pluralists in exploring and being in the present. Help them to identify and challenge long-held assumptions about themselves, others, and the world. And, as the hold on those assumptions loosens, create new narratives that better fit with who they are becoming. Help them establish support in their life for their evolving sense of being and new choices. Encourage contemplative practices that build in opportunities to connect with both their inner purpose and the larger context or spiritual awareness.

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