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Positive Psychology Can Maximize Your Impact, Performance and Help You Flourish in Work and Life

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Criteria applied to character strengths:

1. Universal – valued across time and cultures

2. Measurable – identified based on how we think, feel and act.

3. Morally valued – we value this way of being in the world

4. Fulfilling – developing these strengths will leave us feeling more fulfilled,

satisfied and happy.

5. Trait like – our strengths are what make us consistently unique (Peterson

& Seligman, 2004).51


An emerging body of research is demonstrating the links between mindfulness and performance across a number of tasks.

Mindfulness contributes to performance by improving cognitive flexibility and alertness, and guarding against distractions and performance blunders. In the work environment, mindfulness has value not only by increasing engagement, but also in focusing attention (Dane&Brummel, 2013).52


Research indicates that gratitude is an  important component of workplace culture that contributes to positive outcomes. For example, among teachers, gratitude is linked to less burnout (Chan,).53

Researchers have explored the relationship between dispositional gratitude—chronic, stable levels of gratitude, state gratitude —temporary shifts in gratitude levels and workplace gratitude. The results confirmed the importance of gratitude at work; both state and workplace gratitude predicted job satisfaction (Waters, 2012).54

Appreciation produces coherent & smooth rhythms. This enhances communication between the heart & the brain.


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