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Get Focused, Get Visible, Get Clients

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Get Visible

Once you have honed your focus onto a particular group of people and created a narrative that explains with crystal clarity what’s in it for them, it’s time to get visible. (The narrative you create is also known as a marketing message.)

Getting visible doesn’t mean that you must be visible to everyone. It means that you only need to become visible to the kind of people for whom you created your answer to the question ‘what’s in it for me’. Getting visible means that you put yourself where the kind of people you can help hang out – on and offline.

Once you are visible, you need to stay visible and as long as you can do that, your business will grow.

Get Clients

Once you’re visible to the people in your chosen target audience and they realise that you understand what they’re struggling with and that you can help them, they will come to you for help.

Despite opinions to the contrary, marketing isn’t a scam. Better yet, the marketing process is one you can trust in the same way that the coaching process is one you can trust.

Any ideas you might have that marketing is about uncomfortable bragging and boasting are incorrect. Bragging and boasting doesn’t attract clients.

Good marketing on the other hand is both comfortable and effective. It also attracts clients.

That’s a relief, isn’t it?

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  1. Kofi

    October 7, 2023 at 7:21 pm

    The library is a real gold mine.


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