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Dorothy:  So, raising awareness is one of the key things?

Edie:  It’s raising awareness in an experiential way, not just from information, not just from tests.

Dorothy:  So, Edie, raising awareness in the here and now really helps people break through their unconscious trance where they can choose.

Edie:  Exactly. And helping them to be more reflective regarding the influences of the past on them, particularly the past into which they were socialized or inherited, not just the past few months, but where did that come from?

When someone says, “I was terribly, terribly upset by what happened,” the question is that was an automatic upset. I’m always upset when that happens. Is there any way of not just accepting that, but asking yourself, “Is there any way I can look back on my life and think of a place in which I might have been programmed to be upset when that happened, which I now no longer need to continue?”

Dorothy:  What you’re saying is that the influences of the past are kind of a safe way of offering a deep intrapsychic question on which you are helping people reflect. It’s kind of a mini version of therapy.

Edie:  It is. Exactly. The only difference that I can see is that we’re asking them to look at stuff that is enough within their consciousness so that they can get it. Whereas, I think a lot of therapy was based on getting stuff that is no longer really available–not as available to us, so we can’t get it until we get some rearranging of things to do it.

Dorothy:  And that actually is one of the core parts of modern day coaching.  What can you access that you can then act on?

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