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The triple impact concept  is so important to me that in the programs that I do I really say to them: learn this in such a way that you become transparent about it so that other people can begin to understand it and learn it because we can’t seem to figure out any other way of doing it. I’m sort of counting on you that you’re taking these programs to be a conduit, and not to teach them but to help people live them by your living them transparently.

Dorothy:  What seems to be a very enduring resistance across the last number of years is that it is counterculture to take the time for these things that really make a difference in terms of learning and, therefore, change. That is being reflective, using your physical self, literally breathing to have a different perspective, asking and receiving feedback so that you can be reflective about new possibilities for action.

Edie:  Information that will help you continue.

Dorothy:  Right. Getting information that will help you, looking at what choices you do have, right?

Edie:  Looking always for the choice that you have because if you take that choice notion seriously, under all conditions people have choices.

Dorothy: It’s interesting.  I see a relationship between the ROI for yourself, for the organization, for the environment, right?

Edie:  Right.

Dorothy:  And your triple impact is: these are the concepts, then I coach you, and then you coach others.

Edie:  Exactly. And they coach others. It doesn’t stop there. Bev Patwell, who wrote the book with me, her triple impact notion is the individual helps the group, and the group impacts the organization. That’s her triple impact. She talks about how she’s done that in several Canadian companies.

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