The Map and the Territory

Jan Rybeck March 22, 2016 0
The Map and the Territory

Three points you should take from the concept of  Vertical Development:

⦁ Vertical development adds needed dimension: Vertical Development refers to a path of increasing our capacity to see, understand, and respond to ourselves, to others, and to our world. Increasing capacity comes from changing how we make sense of ourselves and what happens, and how we act in relation to that way of sense making.

⦁ Complexity demands expanded capacity: Complexity includes different ideas, emotions, relationships and options for operating within multiple (and sometimes competing) systems. As we develop new dimensions of sense making, we can access increased degrees of freedom in how we respond and lead.

⦁ Horizontal and Vertical Development work in tandem: Skill and knowledge from Horizontal Development leads to practice. Practice with reflection and feedback leads to increased awareness. Combining this with a willingness to be changed by awareness and experience (critical to Vertical Development) can transform how we come to know ourselves and influence our world.

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