Coaching in Organizations: A Status Report (Past, Present and Future)

William Bergquist September 7, 2011 0
Coaching in Organizations: A Status Report (Past, Present and Future)

We live in a world that is spinning rapidly (some would say madly and out of control). The organizations that seek to operate in this spinning world and the men and women who attempt to lead these 21st Century organizations are in need of new forms of assistance. Certainly in recent years, one of the primary (and some would say unique) forms of assistance is professional coaching. The field of professional coaching has matured during the past decade. Now seems to be an appropriate time to offer a status report concerning the past, present and future of this emerging human service endeavor.

I have framed this status report around a fictitious (actually a hybrid) case study and have identified numerous theorists and practitioners who have offered or potentially could offer valuable assistance in the ongoing maturation of this endeavor. In most cases I have not offered specific references, for these theorists and practitioners have written many books and articles on the topic being considered. When there is a specific book that is relevant to the topic being considered, I have indicated the book title. Given these initial guidelines, I wish to venture into the world of a client (Sam) and coach (Rachel) who are facing the extraordinary challenges of early 21st Century life in an organizational setting.

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